Well, if you have this goal in mind, but you still don’t know very well what it is and how to use Smart TV, relax, because you’ll know everything right by the end of this post.

After all, today, we decided to prepare a very complete and detailed text just to share with you what this Smart TV is, how it differs from conventional models and, of course, how to use it in practice.

So, without further ado, let’s go for the tips! Write it down, huh?

After all, what is Smart TV and what is the difference from a traditional television?

In English, the term “smart” means “intelligent” or “smart”. So, just with this tip, you can have a better idea of ​​what a Smart TV is, or to put it in Portuguese, a television that knows everything, right?

Well, in practice, a Smart TV has many different functions than a conventional TV, starting with the fact that it can connect to the internet. Which old TVs don’t allow. By the way, this tip applies to almost all household appliances: if you hear about a “smart fridge” out there, for example, it’s a fridge that connects to the internet! 🤯

Returning to the subject, you can use your Smart TV to watch your favourite channels as usual, but in addition, you can connect to online apps, without having to connect a notebook or your smartphone to it.

In other words, by controlling your Smart TV, you will have access, for example, to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, among other virtual channels. In addition, this type of device can also have features to pause the program and watch it later, to program warnings not to miss that movie or football, to buy a series that you don’t have in Brazil and many other things. 📆

Some models even have voice commands! That’s right: you can just say “Open Netflix” and, voilà, your favourite series will be there waiting for you. All this with the most incredible and sharpest image technology has to offer!

In simpler words, Smart TV is a complete, practical and super functional television, full of options for your entertainment.

And how to use Smart TV in practice?

how to use smart TV

If you’re one of those people who immediately imagines “ah, it’s a lot to move, I’ll end up losing myself”, don’t worry. After all, knowing how to use Smart TV is like riding a bike: once you start, it goes on automatic!

Besides, the equipment is super didactic and simple to use. Everything is in control!

Well, the ideal is, as soon as you buy your Smart TV, take a calm look at the manufacturer’s manual, because there you will have everything and a little more about all the equipment’s functions.

But as we don’t give up on giving some essential tips, we’ve also prepared some basic tips on how to use your Smart TV more easily. So, write it down!

  • The first step on how to use Smart TV and its functions is connecting the device to the internet network. For this, you need to have a good Wi-Fi signal in the environment and configure the equipment to capture it. In general, if the TV is new, it will automatically ask for this setting, and you will only need to complete the requested information. If you can’t, take a look at the manual;
  • look for the “menu” function in the control. It’s the key to almost everything you’ll need to use your Smart TV, such as colour, image, sound, programming, language, connection settings, etc.;
  • on the controller too, there is usually a little button with a “terrestrial globe”. This is usually the way for you to access applications already installed on Smart TV, such as YouTube and movie and series platforms, including Brazilian darling Netflix;
  • still usually have another button written “www”, which serves for you to connect your Smart TV to general websites. For example, you can read the newspaper or even access your email through this function.

Why and how to choose your Smart TV?

You can really understand the difference between a Smart TV and more traditional devices, right? It has nothing to do with the screen, size or appearance of the device. The difference lies in the functions and the possibility of connecting the TV to the internet.

That’s why having a Smart TV at home makes perfect sense these days and expands the entertainment options you can watch without leaving the couch. It’s handy for those with children who want to put on cartoons at any time of the day, it’s perfect for those who love cinema and want to marathon those new series and it’s ideal for those who don’t want to miss a game, a news or direct access to the internet of television.

Is it more of the music? You can also connect apps like Spotify right to your TV and let it play your favourite music all day long. ⚽🏈🏆️🎵

And the good news is that there are Smart TVs of all types, sizes and prices on the market today. In other words, modernizing your home is now just a matter of planning and wanting, because there is an option for everything that is budget and dreamy.

You already know everything you can do to make a Smart TV, but still wondering how to choose the one that’s perfect for you? No problem! We have another article here on the blog, complete to help you make the best decision when buying your Smart TV!

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