The Discord is a platform digital children and teens use to talk with friends. The vast majority are gamers and consider this channel very practical. Through a link, they can invite you to join the group. With that, they share everything about games and have a relaxed chat. 

Did you know that Discord helps to develop collective intelligence? Children and teenagers develop a creative mindset based on a collaborative group. Interactive technology favours the teaching-learning culture through platforms that support the creation of virtual coexistence. Want to better understand the role of this platform in learning? Check out!

How Discord awakens the collaborative attitude of children and young people

Collaborative action is natural to human beings. On the other hand, we have a selfish side that drives us to vanity. To prevail over the virtues and block destructive emotions we have to train. This training takes place in daily life, in the family environment. However, for some reason, children and young people can misinterpret some habits of the context in which they li ve and not develop this attitude.

Did your children learn to teach their siblings something or share their stuff? Or were they encouraged to compete to win things?

Selfishness leads the child and adolescent to deny help to their partner. He becomes competitive and this destroys groups, generates discord in the community and family quarrels. For that, some interactive and useful tools help us to build this skill.

We probably know someone like that at work or in college. The worst way to correct this behaviour is in adulthood in situations of discomfort. For example, in divorce, in a difficult relationship with children, and in a professional career.

We don’t want that for our young people, right?

Discord, for example, is the preferred platform for young gamers, as they can share tips and chat about the games. The fact that it is simple, intuitive, practical and interactive, many have joined this platform. So much so that it gained prominence in companies, colleges and schools that elected it as an efficient collaborative instrument. Next, we are going to show 3 practical activities that awaken this attitude in young people!

3 Simple Keys That Develop Success Skills in Kids

What is most intriguing about technology is its ability to generate growth in people. After all, developing skills is part of the evolutionary process. All we want is to see our children achieve goals at every stage of life. That is, saying goodbye to the victorious childhood to overcome the challenges of adolescence.

Discord manages to develop the little ones and youngsters in a fun way, in a platform that suits them and promotes healthy interactions. Check out 3 simple activities that turn the key to your kids’ mindset!

1. Learning from colleagues

According to Vygotsky, a psychologist, he created the concept of children’s intellectual development and advocates socialization and living conditions. By associating this theory with Discord, we make a new discovery. We note that we can adapt it for another functionality.

From it, children, young people, educators and company employees form a community. With that, we are faced with a teaching-learning environment. Since, even in a virtual context, we can organize healthy living spaces.

2. Teach the group

Discord lets you create small groups with different themes. For example, at school, we have math, Portuguese, science, etc. At I Do Code, we offer several courses focused on technology for children and teenagers.

At Discord, we can create groups, called servers, and share files, ideas and solutions. In addition, in the chat, we can exchange ideas and discuss a topic together. From this discussion, new ideas emerge and we help each other. That’s how improvements come about in schools and businesses. People are the biggest sources of innovation. When inserted in a group that follows the same direction, we build a rich and beneficial world for everyone.

3. Develop leadership

The habit of teaching and learning awakens self-leadership and a sense of responsibility. With this, all members feel that they belong to a group. In this way, we create stronger bonds and become more accessible. As a result, we develop empathetic citizens with a tendency to exercise their purposes.

The act of teaching, learning and interacting develops important social skills for a good healthy relationship. It even awakens the creation of its own identity. When that happens, the group gets richer because it becomes a diverse group. Each one with their talents contributes to inventions and solutions.

An inexhaustible source of ideas that stimulate creativity

Do you know that young man who looks like a genius for being so creative? We think he was born privileged, but he actually learned the secret of coexistence. He understands people, groups and their roles in each environment.

Awakening creativity in children, teenagers or adults is possible even before they learn to write. Have you ever had creative blocks at school or at the company during adulthood? Certainly, remembering a situation like this was not pleasant. On the other hand, someone very creative crossed his path and made the situation worse.

Ideas spring to mind when we interact with the right environment and groups. For example, companies create groups in Discord for team contributors. No doubt they discovered a treasure within the organization itself. This is why creating communities with common goals is very rich.

Creativity at full steam

Children don’t have many blocks and so nurturing them in a collaborative environment is an essential starting point. They don’t need to know how to write or express themselves very well. The fact that they watch adults collaborate and share do the same.

As they grow up, they tend to reproduce these behaviours in the school group. From a community rich in ideas from countless people, we create new ones. Thus, communities continually expandBy aligning goals, we unite different young people with the ability to build empires. Discord encourages organization, discipline, suggestions and constructive thoughts.

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